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SX-50 and SX-100 microprobes database (Dept. of Geosciences, UMass Amherst) | Print date: 12/05/2022 (09:09)


Standard - Blocks

Click on the standard block name to display the block, then click on a standard to get more information...

SrCO3 Pb Co Celsian Kyanite USNM 113716-1 Benitoite Greens Cr Alm Bi-germanate K augite Franklinite Kpyr Opx 25-5 Khbl Fo-90 JD35 V Shallow San Carlos olivine Johnstown Hypersthene Pyrite Ilmenite SiO2 glass Mn ilmenite Quartz LaPO4 GdPO4 CePO4 YPO4 NdPO4 PrPO4 SmPO4 Brabantite NiO ZnO Wilberforce YAG SrF2 Microcline TiO2 Gore Fayalite Rhodonite F-phlogopite Pg721 CrCats Chromite 52nl11 Albite Sanidine YPO4 YbPO4 TmPO4 LuPO4 HoPO4 EuPO4 Er2O3 Glass X Monazite Sps Amelia Grs Andradite yellow Alm McLelland UO2 ThO2 Pb Parsonsite CePO4 Kasolite Alm Aston Gore garnet V TbPO4 CrCats Microcline Gore Fayalite Pyrite GaAs Wilberforce SrF2 Pg721 HoPO4 Er EuPO4 DyPO4 GdPO4 CePO4 SmPO4 LaPO4 YPO4 NdPO4 PrPO4 GSC6413 Burnet Moacyr UO2 YAG Pyromorphite Brabantite Al Ge Zn Si LiF Cu Ni W C Fe Sn Mg Cr Ag Andradite B Ti Mn Mo Zr NB Pb Co Albite ThO2 SiO2 Re W Ta Mo Nb Hf Zr Zn Cu Ni Fe Mn Cr V Ti Sc Si Al Mg Co Pt Ir Os Pd Rh Ru Au Ag U Th Bi Tl Te Sb Sn In Cd Se As Ge Pb Lu Yb Tm Ho Dy Gd Sm Nd Pr Y Er Tb GSC8153 Gehreis554 Wards_ElkMt Moacyr TS Moacyr Moacyr PR88 PR88 DP810A DP814A RT87 RT87 LaPO4 CePO4 YPO4 GdPO4 UO2 Pyromorphite ThO2 FeS2 PrPO4 NdPO4 SmPO4 USNM 113498-1 VG-A99 Staunton_troilite A2O9 P-130 pyrope Pg721 USNM 111240-52 VG-2 USNM 113716 Orthoclase Pyromorphite USNM 72854 VG-568 Albite Rhodonite GSC4170 TiO2 HgS Hf Ta Nb Nb Ta Hf GSC2908 GSC3345 Zircon Glass X ZrO2 San Carlos olivine Tephroite Opx_25-25 Fo67 Apatite Anorthite Calcite Calcite Barite SrTiO3 Celestite SrF2 Albite PbF2 BaF2 KBr NaF LiO3 Na3AlF6 LiF KCl SrF2 CaF2 NaCl

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