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SX-50 and SX-100 microprobes database (Dept. of Geosciences, UMass Amherst) | Print date: 10/16/2021 (16:25)


X-ray lines - Interferences (restart)

Select an ELEMENT to continue...

Element Any lines  Only K, L, M   
This value will not only limit the output, but it will also re-scale the graph (useful to see only low or high intensity peaks).

Note also that peak at 150% intensity are cumulative peak (e.g. Kα1 and Kα2).
Enter one or more elements, separate with a space, e.g. "Si Al Fe" (CaSe SeNsITiVe!).
Intensity is expressed in percentage relative to the major line. For instance, a value of "0.03" for Fe Kβ5 means that Fe Kβ5 is 0.03% the intensity of Fe Kα. Similarly, a value of "5.00" for Pb Mγ means that Pb Mγ is 5% the intensity of Pb Mα.

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