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SX-50 and SX-100 microprobes database (Dept. of Geosciences, UMass Amherst) | Print date: 12/05/2022 (08:36)


Convert oxides to elements (and vice versa)

Reset this form... || Show example with... element wt-% | oxide wt-%

Enter the list of element (or oxide) to recalculate as oxide (or element). help
If you enter elements, you will be able to choose oxidation state in the next step.

Input contains... Oxide(s) Element(s) ...and will be converted to
Force recalculating oxygen content help

The input can contain more than one analysis with the same series of oxide/element.
  • First line must contain one term for the analysis ID, followed by the OXIDE or ELEMENT names.
  • Each following line(s) must contain one analysis, and each analysis must contain exactly the same list of oxide/element as defined in the first line. All values must be separated by comma, semicolon or tabulation (e.g. CSV file = comma-separated values).
Ensure to enter the oxide or element name correctly, input is CaSe SenSiTiVe!

Aluminosilicate, SiO2, Al2O3, FeO
Sample1, 36.10, 62.85, 1.87
Sample2, 35.46, 63.56, 0.98

WARNING: if entering element with oxygen wt-%, default oxide will be loaded unless you specify the oxidation state (e.g. Fe3+, Cu+).
When converting element weight-% to oxide weight-%, you can force recalculating the equivalent oxygen content based on the selected oxidation state (see next step).

Oxygen content is automatically recalculated when converting oxide weight-% to element weight-%.

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