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SX-50 and SX-100 microprobes database (Dept. of Geosciences, UMass Amherst) | Print date: 09/22/2023 (21:02)


Calculate weigth-% element (oxide) from a mineral formula

Enter a mineral formula to recalculate wt-% of each element (and oxide if applicable). You can specify the oxidation state of each cation
along with site multiplicity; for instance type "Fe3+0.5" for ferric iron (3+) with a cation multiplicity of "0.5" (= Fe3+0.5)
You can also select oxidation state after clicking "Calculate weight-%...".

Enter a mineral formula here below... help

Formula help

Reset this form...

Element name is case sensitive (e.g "Na" OK, but not "na").

You can specify the oxidation states (e.g. (Fe3+)2O3 or Fe3+2O3) to correctly calculate the oxide weight-%. If the oxidation state is not recognized (error in oxide column), try to enter the oxide name manually after clicking a first time on "Calculate weight-%...").

If needed, make sure to open and close parenthesis correctly (e.g. CaMg(CO3)2).

For OH- and/or CO2-bearing phases, it is recommended to enter the OH or CO2 term at the end of the mineral formula.

For hydrated phases (e.g. SiO2 . 1.5H2O), ensure a) to separate the H2O term from the formula by " . " (space dot space), b) to put the multiplier in front of H2O, and c) NOT to use any parenthesis (e.g. "8(H2O)2(OH)" is not accepted).
  • a) NaAlSi3O8
  • b) Fe3+2Fe2+O4 or (Fe3+)2O3(Fe2+)O
  • c) Ca2 Mg4 Al0.75 Fe0.25 (Si7 Al O22) (OH)2
  • d) Pb2(UO2)(PO4)2 . 2H2O

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